Tsogyal Latso Tibet
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Tsogyal Latso Tibet
Birthplace of the Wisdom Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal

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"Yeshe Tsogyal is the first well-known female mahasiddha in the Tibetan tradition. I’m sure there were others before her, but she is the first well-known one and also the founding mother of the Nyingma tradition. She is very respected, especially in Dzogchen, where she is considered a lineage master. I always hoped to have images of female masters in my temple. Not female deities—we already have Tara which is wonderful. I wanted to have female masters to remind us that there have been many enlightened women. I was hoping to have a Yeshe Tsogyal image where she looked like a Tibetan lady. This way, we can relate to her more easily. So now, this image is exactly what I had in mind...and she will be enshrined above Tara." —Anam Thubten Rinpoche



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