The Yeshe Tsogyal-Samantabhadri Connection

Yeshe Tsogyal is our own enlightened essence. In order to help us, she emanates from Samantabhadri or Kuntuzangmo in Tibetan (Ever-Excellent Lady), the dharmakaya female buddha whose identity is the infinite expanse of emptiness-shunyata.

Samantabhadri is usually shown in union with a male counterpart, Samantabhadra. In this instance, she is the expanse of dharmadhatu's emptiness and her consort is primordial wisdom inseparable from her expanse. But on occasion, she is depicted without a consort. In this case, her nakedness symbolizes the unadulterated nature of emptiness-shunyata.

All female dakinis and deities are Samantabhadri's emanations. In Yeshe Tsogyal's case, externally, she was emanated as an important dakini in Tibet and internally, she is emanated as a personal deity within the path of meditation.

Once we know this, what's important is to cultivate a strong connection to Yeshe Tsogyal. Externally, we can do this through her life story, her teachings, and her emanated realms such as her birthplace and the new temple. Internally, we can do this through the creation and completion stages of her sadhanas. In either case, whenever our dualistic grasping and fixation comes to an end, that's when we will realize our true essence and become one with Yeshe Tsogyal-Samantabhadri. E MA HO! —Lama Dechen Yeshe Wangmo