At Tsogyal Latso

Pilgrimage to Tsogyal Latso in Tibet was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. From the film, (In The Minds of all Beings) and pictures I had seen of Tsogyal Latso prior to the trip, I was already very magnetized by the place and I felt compelled to visit it often in my imagination as a deep source of peace and strength. So when I was finally able to go for 'real', it felt something like a pilgrimage home. But I do not mean 'home' in a literal sense, but in the sense to going to the original source, the place of potential within myself and everyone. The experience of being at Tsogyal Latso continues to deepen within me. Now I feel so certain that whatever is happening in the world, however difficult the experiences in my life may be, the blessings of this sacred and holy site continue to shine out to us all. I feel so grateful to be able to tap into this nourishment at any time and anywhere I am. After visiting Tsogyal Latso and spending time with the incredible nuns who live there, I feel deeply that whatever connection anyone makes to Tsogyal Latso, is truly invaluable and of inconceivable benefit.

— Lauren Phillips, October 5, 2013