Left My Heart at Tsogyal Latso

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I have traveled twice to Tibet to spend time at Tsogyal Latso, the holy site of Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal’s birth and with the nuns who care for this most important sacred site of the enlightened feminine. To walk on the land of our spiritual ancestors is a life-changing experience. You can feel their presence in the land, the rocks, the mountains, the caves, the water. 

Tsogyal Latso is revered as Yeshe Tsogyal’s life support, her physical presence in our world. But it is also OUR life support. By honoring it, by praying for it and for Yeshe Tsogyal’s nuns and by supporting it, we generate great merit and, in turn, we also are supported. The love that flows from Tsogyal Latso is inconceivable.

You could say I left my heart in Tsogyal Latso (apologies to Tony Bennett). And my heart yearns to return again. 

Ellis Widner
Arkansas, USA