A HO! Such is Tsogyal Latso!


Kuntuzangmo, Ever-Excellent Dharmakaya Queen,
Saraswasti, Melodious Goddess, Light-Giving Sun of Spontaneously Accomplished Sambhogakaya,
And inseparable from them, Princess of Kharchen, Sole Mother of the Land of Snows—
To you Yeshe Tsogyal, at your exalted feet, I bow down from the depths of my heart.

In the beginning, the Lady Saraswati turned her back on the field of great bliss and deep in her heart, aspired to come to the excellent abode of the valley of Drak. At the moment of entering her mother’s womb, the earth quaked, flowers rained down and, rainbows arched over the valley. Then, at her birth, through the play of the magical illusion of the three secrets, a nearby lake increased greatly in size, creating what is known today as the sacred place of Tsogyal Latso, Life Force Lake of Tsogyal.

Since then, throughout the centuries and to the present day, people of great merit from Tibet, China, India and other foreign lands are overjoyed to visit this excellent place of Tsogyal Latso which liberates upon seeing. Whoever circumambulates the sacred lake will gather the meritorious accumulations and gain the dominion of dharmakaya. As it has been expressed:

The secret stream of her breast milk flows, cool in summer and warm in winter, healing for all beings.
Her blue life force lake ripples and her life force tree stands like a massive lotus stalk.
And more than plentiful are her life force handprints and footprints in stone.
A HO! Such is Tsogyal Latso.

Adapted by Lama Yeshe Wangmo from the pilgrimage guide to Tsogyal Latso written in 2003 by Kunzang Drodul of Dorje Drak at the request of Ani Samten of Tsogyal Latso.